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Infertilidad: cómo enfrentarte a ella y vencer tus miedos

Infertility: how to face it and overcome your fears

Infertility: how to face it and overcome your fears

The mere thought of having to face an infertility diagnosis, looking for an assisted reproduction clinic for a consultation, of telling your family or friends, of those minutes waiting for the result of another test, of fear waiting for the call from the clinic every day to know the evolution of the embryos, they can resemble a horror movie.

The path of infertility

The road to infertility can be long, painful, and fraught with fear and insecurities for many. The uncertainty, the lack of control and the sometimes very long treatments can be a trigger to make you doubt and wonder if you will be able or if it is better to leave the race on time.

From personal experience, I believe that it is better to risk everything and do what is in your power so that everything turns out well, but having limits, trying not to risk your emotional, economic or family well-being. I have heard of couples who have lost their homes, all their assets, their friends or even their family while they are in this process and many times without success, without getting that long-awaited baby.

For this reason, we hope we can help you face these fears with these 8 tips:

find out

Always look for reliable and relevant information, (Image of Freepik )

We find more and more reliable and relevant information about infertility and the different pathologies. Do not obsess or spend every free minute asking Dr. Google, but find out about your case, your options and possibilities. Try to look for sources and media with reputable credentials, now there are many doctors and qualified professionals who publish interesting and quality information. Also, many universities, publications and organizations offer support and information, by knowing your alternatives you will be able to make wise decisions and you will feel more in control.

Don't hesitate to seek support

Friends, family, support groups or professional psychological help are good allies if you need it. Sometimes it's hard to talk about your situation or deal with uncomfortable questions when you're trying to get pregnant, but finding people you can vent to, share with, or even ask questions will make you feel so much better.

If you don't feel comfortable talking about it with your family or friends, there are communities and resources where many people who are going through the same thing as you share their concerns and experiences.

It is important to have limits

Do not obsess, try to set limits and be clear when to stop. (Picture of Freepik )

It is a very personal decision, but unless you have unlimited financial resources, a lot of willpower, and iron health, continuing fertility treatments indefinitely can wear down your health, your relationships, your well-being, and your finances. It is clear that, from day one you will not be able to know how far you are willing to go, but I think it is beneficial, during the process, to set limits and have a plan to guide you.

take care of your partner

Fertility problems can have a strong emotional impact on the couple. Don't forget to be a team, share activities, have good communication, find moments of fun and always try to put yourself in the other's position.

If you don't have a partner, apply equally: don't forget about yourself, take care of yourself, pamper yourself and have moments that help you reconnect with yourself.

Don't be afraid to seek a second opinion.

It is important to listen to second opinions from specialists and find the one you feel comfortable with. (Picture of Freepik )

We cannot forget that doctors are human beings, sometimes what worked for someone else does not necessarily work for you. It is important to find a clinic and a doctor with whom you feel comfortable, who listens to you and who does not treat you like just another number. In my case, it was the recipe for success, finding a professional who listened to me, who was willing to take risks and who always spoke clearly to me without making me lose hope.

Take your time

Although all of us who have gone through this path know that time is money in fertility, many times you need to stop, change scenery, distract yourself and prepare your mind and body to face what is to come. Many times, due to being in a race against time, stress and worries do not allow us to make the right decisions or our body simply does not respond as it should. Stop, breathe and take the time you need to find your well-being and strength to move on.

try to enjoy the road

Although there are ups and downs on the road to fertility, try to enjoy it. (Picture of Freepik )

Like any road, it has its ups and downs. Although it seems impossible, try to enjoy the little moments and always find the positive side of things. Many people have found that infertility has taught them valuable lessons in resilience, patience, optimism, and has helped them learn about their strengths.

Control your stress levels

It is probably one of the most difficult tips to put into practice, because not getting pregnant when you want it can cause a lot of sadness, frustration and stress.

Meditation, visualization, leisure activities, exercise, turning to your circle of support and reading, can be of great help to stay calm and not be consumed by negative feelings.

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