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¿Cuándo congelar mis óvulos y por qué?

When to freeze my eggs and why?

When to freeze my eggs and why?

Some women, due to lack of information, let our best reproductive age without making decisions about motherhood. One of the most common reasons is usually that we believe that we still have time to think about it. Many times we end up reacting late, when the chances of being biological mothers have been drastically reduced. We cannot forget that age can be one of the causes of female infertility . So when should I think about freezing my eggs?

Most of us women use methods contraceptives to avoid getting pregnant before the age of 30. However, at this age we should also begin to think and plan when to have children so that, when we're ready, we don't have trouble getting it.

Planning ahead will help you make an informed decision. (Pexels)

Current situation in Spain

The tendency to have the first child later ages it becomes more and more evident. According to 2018 Fertility Survey According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), approximately half of the women between 40 and 55 years of age declared that they had had their first child at a older age than they would have wanted. In addition, the average delay reached 5 years.

The increase in the age at which Spanish women decide to become mothers today is no coincidence. The circumstances socioeconomic such as the health crisis of COVID-19, the increase in unemployment, precarious jobs, work-life balance , as well as the absence of a stable partner, are some of the causes that we can highlight. In addition, we can notice a paradigm shift in the generation of millennials, since their priority is their training professional and seek job success in an increasingly competitive market.

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Work-life balance is one of the reasons why having children is delayed. (Pexels)

Given these scenarios, what is important is that women can choose from knowledge and not make the mistake of waiting for the perfect moment to arrive, ignoring the consequences of delaying your plans too much. Not choosing in time to have children can mean that you lose the possibility of choosing. Fortunately, the science of reproduction human and their advances provide us with techniques that can help us plan motherhood. This is the case of the preservation or freezing of eggs .

What does it consist of freezing eggs?

There are many names for this process: egg vitrification, egg storage, oocyte cryopreservation and egg cryopreservation. However, they all allow us to freeze fertile eggs in order to store them in safety containers with liquid nitrogen at -196º C. In this way, when the time comes, they are devitrified to be fertilized in a laboratory and thus produce embryos that will be placed in our uterus.

If you freeze your eggs you can fertilize them in a laboratory in the future. (Pexels)

Ideal age to freeze your eggs

although legally there is no set age To apply this technique, it is recommended to do it before the age of 37. According to Luciana Mantero, graduate in Communication Sciences (UBA) and journalist (TEA), author of The greatest wish in the world. Testimonials from women who want to be mothers : "You have to freeze the eggs before the age of 30 or as close to this age as possible, because it is likely that those eggs will not have quality when they are thawed.”

Various studies show that from the age of 35 the quality of our ovules begins to decrease and, by the age of 37, drops drastically . For this reason, considering freezing them between the ages of 30 and 35 can be a good option if you want to ensure your dream of being a biological mother in the future and thus be able to make your life decisions with greater peace of mind.

Freezing your eggs is a way to ensure your maternity in the future. (Pexels)

Freeze your eggs to prevent

Studies conclude that the quality of a young ovum is always superior to that of an older one. But this does not mean that a 37 or 38 year old woman does not You can have good quality oocytes . In fact, you can conceive a pregnancy without complications.

As each body is different, to know when you should do it, you can ask your doctor for a transvaginal ultrasound to rule out pathologies gynecological In addition, knowing your ovarian reserve through the anti-mullerian hormone levels provides a lot of information to professionals. You cannot miss a normal analysis and a hormonal profile to define more precisely the capacity of your ovaries to generate follicles and thus make informed decisions.

pay attention to our Lifestyle such as exercising regularly and maintaining healthy eating habits are key factors in preserve and prolong our fertile health .

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